O2 launches m2suite; featuring the all-new Internet First Time Setup

The well-engineered and extended Internet First Time Setup module includes all components necessary to quickly and simply use a new broadband product, already creating a positive customer experience during the onboarding process. Along with many proven self-care features, this module is now used for the first time in an m2suite.

Telefónica Germany has been using mquadrat‘s market-leading self-care product range to systematically extend their digital customer service and to increase their customers’ product satisfaction. Now, Telefónica Germany is again teaming up with mquadr.at, upgrading their products to our successful overall solution; the m2suite.

About m2suite

m2suite is the leading self-care software in the Internet and Telecom sector covering a wide range of service and support topics within the home network. Thus, m2suite is a powerful access point which offers quick and valuable help in most support scenarios. An elegant, self-explaining GUI ensures high acceptance and demonstrably improves customers’ support satisfaction as well as the ISP’s performance indicators.


Features of the O2 Service Suite

Simple First Time Setup of the Home Network

The all-new First Time Setup module contains all components necessary to configure the Internet and the home network, combining them in a dedicated topic desktop. After the installation of O2 Service Suite, the First Time Setup is opened automatically and an initial analysis is performed. Then, O2 Service Suite guides the users through all further steps. Besides providing router manuals or instructions on how to set up Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, the First Time Setup module can be enhanced by further ISP features, such as Wi-Fi extenders or Internet telephony.

Depending on requirements and significance, the First Time Setup allows either for immediate or later action. The status of the corresponding areas is displayed on the First Time Setup desktop and processes can be continued at any time. Thus, customer support is perfectly comprised in the O2 Service Suite which is fully tailored to fit users’ needs.

First Time Setup

Real-time diagnosis and automated error repair

O2 Service Suite supports daily Internet use by providing information on router management, Wi-Fi optimising and customer account management. Furthermore, the software offers quick and targeted help by the Real-time Intelligent Self-repair feature, real-time diagnosis and automated error-repair.

As soon as an error is detected in the system, O2 Service Suite automatically informs the user, showing a message and suggesting repair possibilities. For many common problems, an automated one-click repair process is at hand. Otherwise, further hints and instructions are provided.

Flexible adaptation to the ISP’s requirements

Based on a modular framework, O2 Service Suite is tailored perfectly to fit the offers and services of the ISP and can be extended by new requirements or technologies at any time. Thus, O2 Service Suite offers a sustainable solution able to develop along flexibly with future needs and trends of digital customer support.

Both topic desktops and modules contained in these desktops can be selected and positioned according to the ISP’s needs, thus providing target-oriented help with high-demand subjects.

For O2, Wi-Fi-related topics and a comprehensive O2 customer service are the key focus. This is why O2 Service Suite offers a dedicated desktop containing a direct contact link to usage overview, customer data and online billing as well as to the O2 community and the web shop.

As of now, O2 Service Suite for Windows systems can be downloaded at the O2 customer portal .

About O2 Telefónica Germany

Telefónica Germany offers mobile and fixed-line services for private and business customers. With its 48.4 million customer connections, the company belongs to the leading three integrated telco providers nationwide.  Within the mobile sector alone, Telefónica Germany serves more than 43.1 million connections making it the market leader in Germany.

About mquadr.at

mquadr.at is the leading European tech company for Digital Self-Care & Customer Experience Solutions in telco business. Our main areas of expertise cover the automation of customer support processes, easy to use self-service solutions, and consulting in the introduction of e-care measures.

Our core product m2suite offers a comprehensive solution for both ISP and MNO requests, supporting all screens and systems.