A1 Telekom Austria launches Wi-Fi self-care app by mquadr.at

A1 Telekom Austria – Austria’s biggest telecommunication provider – has opted for the Wi-Fi self-care app by mquadr.at and thereby sets another milestone in mobile customer support.

The Wi-Fi self-care app is a high quality software solution, which transfers the successful concept of m2suite to smartphones and tablets, thus also offering targeted digital support to the increasing number of mobile Internet users.

A1 recognised the potential of this new service channel at an early stage and extends their self-care portfolio to four operation systems overall. The Wi-Fi self-care app for Android and iOS complements the comprehensive support tools of the “A1 Servicecenter” (m2suite desktop solution for Windows and Mac) expanding to mobile services for Wi-Fi setup, maintenance and optimisation. This way A1 strengthens their position as a future-oriented service provider and at the same time enhances customers’ product satisfaction.

The A1 WLAN Manager will be available shortly for download on the A1 customer portal A1.net.

A1 WLAN Manager – mobile self-care in A1 look & feel

The self-care app by mquadr.at is a smart and modular solution and can be adapted perfectly to the services and needs of ISPs and MNOs. Along with a selection of technical features and compatibility with the providers’ modems the customising also embraces the customer specific branding (corporate design and wording, app name, logo integration, branded start screen etc.).

Just like that, the A1 WLAN Manager fits perfectly to the look & feel of the A1 Corporate Identity and contributes to a positive perception of the company as a customer-oriented telecommunication provider.


A1 WLAN Manager – Features

Automated Wi-Fi optimisation

The ever-growing amount of Wi-Fi devices broadcasting on the same radio channel are a common but not little known source of a poor Wi-Fi connection and customer complaints. Therefore, mobile Wi-Fi optimisation is the main focus of the A1 Wi-Fi manager.

A simple click flow, for which absolutely no previous technical knowledge is required, guides the customer through the optimisation process and helps to find the optimal Wi-Fi channel. Subsequently, the optimal channel can be set automatically on the modem.

Wi-Fi expert view and manual channel adjustment (Android)

For technically advanced Internet users, the Wi-Fi expert view offers a more detailed view of the Wi-Fi environment and the capacity of the radio channels. It shows the current load curve of the individual channels and suggests the least used one as the optimal channel. The user can set the recommended channel or choose another channel and directly set it on the modem.

WLAN Umgebung

Easy Wi-Fi setup with QR-Code and WPS

The menu item “Connect with Wi-Fi” offers several easy possibilities to set up a Wi-Fi connection. The available Wi-Fi can be selected from a clearly arranged list. The current Wi-Fi connection is highlighted and its most important facts (connection status, signal strength, transfer rate etc.) are displayed.

Additionally, WPS (Android) and QR-Code represent further options to setup the Wi-Fi quickly and securely without entering the Wi-Fi data manually.

Wi-Fi and modem data overview

The A1 WLAN Manager also offers a useful overview of the current Wi-Fi and modem settings (Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password, device name, firmware version, connection status and IP address), which are read directly from the A1 WLAN Box and displayed on the appealing GUI. The Wi-Fi password can be copied and saved. If the Wi-Fi encryption is too weak, the customer is advised to select a better encryption.

The next expansion phase will bring further security and maintenance options such as the configuration of the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password.

Tips & tricks for a better Internet proficiency

Like all mquadr.at products, the Wi-Fi self-care app sets further emphasis on customer education in order to support customers’ long-term Internet proficiency when interacting with Internet products . For this purpose, the A1 WLAN Manager offers a tutorial for an easy introduction as well as a section with tips & tricks, which supports the customer with additional advice. For more information about the Wi-Fi self-care app and further products by mquadr.at, please contact our sales team via m2sales@mquadr.at or have a closer look at our website .

About A1 Telekom Austria

With around 4.5M mobile and 2.3M landline customers, A1 is Austria’s leading telecommunication provider. Their offers include telephony, Internet access, digital cable TV, data, IT services and customer centred high quality solutions. During the many years of cooperation with mquadr.at, A1 is continuously strengthening their leading role in the digital customer support.

About mquadr.at

mquadr.at, based in Vienna, is the leading European tech company for digital self-care and customer experience in the telecommunications industry. Its main expertise lies in the automation of customer processes and in consulting on the implementation of e-care measures. The core product m2suite offers a high quality all-in-one solution for the individual requirements of ISPs and MNOs on all screens and systems.