m2suite Feature Spotlight: Home Network Connectivity Guide

The guide supports Internet customers to establish a well-performing Internet access at home (focus: Wi-Fi) with an excellent range. In addition, it facilitates the seamless connection of further devices to the entire network, from game consoles to tablets.

The Home Network Connectivity Guide (in short: HNCG) is a newly developed feature within our self-service and self-care solution m2suite.


Tip: The Home Network Connectivity Guide perfectly complements our m2speedtest, as introduced recently .

What is a home network and how does the guide help?

Fully wired PCs providing a more or less stable and fast Internet once connected, are now definitively a thing of the past. Nowadays, most households are equipped with a multitude of different Internet devices (e.g. laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs). These require the appropriate coverage once connected to the home Internet in order to ensure usage everywhere.

This is precisely where the Home Network Connectivity Guide comes in: it delivers targeted support for setup, optimization and expansion of a high-performing Internet home network, as well as for the integration of various additional devices.

The Home Network Connectivity Guide covers very different use cases and customer needs.

These are three examples, described below in more detail.

„I want to use my Internet on the balcony.“ – Extending the home network

Wi-Fi not being available on the balcony is often due to poor wireless coverage. But what possibilities do users have? Which one among the numerous solutions on the market is the right one? Should one count on a Wi-Fi repeater or is powerline networking the better solution for extending the reach of a home network to places where the wireless coverage is poor? May users amplify the signal of the modem or are there any other measures which have not been taken into account yet?

The Home Network Connectivity Guide provides detailed answers and illustrated explanations to these and many other questions.



Here, the users click their way through multiple options and learn more about the functionality, possible uses and the pros and cons of each of the technologies. By building on this foundation, users will be able to decide on the best course of action in order to, for example, use the Internet on the balcony.

Once a solution has been suggested, the user will receive full support during device activation, e.g. powerline adapter (LAN via the power line) or Wi-Fi repeater („Wi-Fi signal amplifier”)

Simple solution: e.g. setting up a Wi-Fi repeater in the room with access to the balcony turns out to be the best solution. Once a Wi-Fi repeater is purchased (e.g. from an Internet service provider) the Home Network Connectivity Guide provides assistance in positioning and setting it up. By measuring the Wi-Fi level, the ideal location can be determined easily and the Wi-Fi signal is then repeated by the modem and transmitted securely to the balcony. Wi-Fi can now be used, for example, for video streaming or Internet radio on the balcony as well.

„I want to connect my game console.“ – Interactive guides

The guide also provides information on connecting devices (e.g. desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, game console, smart TV, etc.), different types of connection (LAN, Wi-Fi), as well as technologies for expanding the home network (Wi-Fi extender, Powerline).



After users have selected the device they wish to integrate into their home network (e.g. game console) precise instructions for establishing a high performance connection via LAN or Wi-Fi are given. Moreover, the Home Network Connectivity Guide advises users on further factors influencing the connection to the home network, such as current software or Internet performance, etc.

However, the HNCG is much more than just a solution provider: In order to ensure that users can connect their game consoles via Wi-Fi, for example, personal Wi-Fi data is directly displayed in the m2suite. This is insofar possible as the modem data is being read out dynamically in the background. Consequently, with this guided assistance it is a lot more convenient to connect to Wi-Fi since users do not have to desperately search for their Wi-Fi data.

„My Internet is not working properly.“ – Further tools for troubleshooting

Furthermore, together with numerous automatic optimisation and repair tools within the m2suite, the Home Network Connectivity Guide also offers a quick remedy for problems that might occur during the daily use of Internet. On the one hand, problems, which users might face are avoided ahead of time with detailed instructions and helpful tips on how to use the devices. If necessary, the guide leads users directly to the m2suite and thus also to the tools which provide quick and often automatic support in troubleshooting Internet problems.

The module Real-time Intelligent Self-repair, for example, corrects technical errors in real-time with the „one-click-repair“ function. The Wi-Fi Optimizer detects and sets the optimal Wi-Fi channel directly on the modem, thereby ensuring a stable connection on all devices which are connected to Wi-Fi. It may also pinpoint the best location for a Wi-Fi repeater or a Wi-Fi modem by measuring the Wi-Fi level.



What advantages does the home network connectivity guide offer to ISPs and their customers?

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