Dutch Online.nl releases Service Tool based on m2suite

The Dutch multi-play service provider Online.nl launches their Online.nl Service Tool – providing comprehensive digital self-service support for their customers.

With the Service Tool, Online.nl offers contemporary 24/7 customer care that helps Internet customers with the most important Internet topics (e.g. automated Internet and Wi-Fi connection management and optimisation, device integration and pro-active automated error repair). The Initial Internet setup guaranties a smooth start with a newly purchased Internet product and a positive service impression from the very beginning.

In addition, the integrated automated firmware update feature helps to provide customer modems with the latest firmware in order to assure better security and bring more devices under Auto Configuration Server (ACS) control.


The features of the Online.nl Service Tool

The Online.nl Service Tool is based on the m2suite, our market-proven all in one self-service solution for Internet service providers, that covers the most important Internet topics such as Wi-Fi, Home Network and Modem Management to name but a few.

The m2suite is based on a modular framework that can easily be adapted to customer needs in regards to modules and services as well as corporate design and wording. In terms of techniques the customisation also contains the integration and support of the ISP’s modem.

Wi-Fi and Home Network Management

Wi-Fi and home network management are two of the most important topics in contemporary Internet use. Nowadays, there is usually a number of cabled and wireless Internet devices (computer, laptops, mobile phones, Smart TVs, etc.) in a household, which call for fast and easy integration to the home Internet connection. At the same time many wireless devices using the same Wi-Fi channel for data transfer may lead to a slow and instable connection.

The Online.nl Service Tool provides several useful and automated tools to support customers with these challenges. The First Time Setup desktop, for example, offers automated setup for Internet and Wi-Fi connections as well as guided step-by-step flows to integrate devices and services such as telephony and TV into the home network.

The Wi-Fi desktop helps with the automated setup and maintenance of the Wi-Fi connection as well as with identifying and configuring the optimal channel for a fast and stable Internet speed. The latter is done automatically on the modem, so there is no technical know-how needed.

Real-time diagnosis and automated error repair

The Online.nl Service Tool supports daily Internet use by providing information on router management, Wi-Fi optimising and customer account management. Furthermore, the software offers quick and targeted help by the Real-time Intelligent Self-repair feature, real-time diagnosis and automated error repair.

As soon as an error is detected in the system, the Online.nl Service Tool automatically informs the user, showing a message and suggesting repair possibilities. For many common problems, an automated one-click repair process is at hand. For errors beyond the reach of the software, e.g. correct cabling of modems, etc., further hints and instructions are provided.

Initial Internet setup

The initial Internet setup offers various functions that help with an easy start with a newly purchased Internet product on a separate desktop. They include automated setup for Internet and Wi-Fi, as well as security and browser settings. Furthermore, guided step-by-step flows and illustrated instructions for the setup and cabling of devices like modems, computers, laptops, game consoles TV, etc. additionally help users to easily setup their complete home network on their own.

First Time Setup

This way, the initial Internet setup supports fast and trouble-free product on-boarding and a positive customer experience from the very start – enhancing customer service, while reducing the workload of the service hotline at the same time.

Automated firmware update feature & ACS compatibility

The automated firmware update feature of the Online.nl Service Tool is a valuable help for Internet customers to regularly upgrade their modem to a new firmware and ensure maximum security. Also it provides all necessary support to easily do so: As soon as an update is available the customer is proactively informed by the Online.nl Service Tool and once confirmed by the user the update starts automatically. Additionally, there are guided step-by-step flows that help the customer carry out the update manually if needed or wanted.

The ISP benefits from this feature as it can reach more customer modems with an updated firmware and directly access the devices via ACS (Auto Configuration Server). This way, the ISP can on the one hand automatically manage (e.g. set DSL or VoIP data) and on the other hand activate new services for the customer on the modem.

Connecting ISP digital customer services

The Online.nl Service Tool also provides direct links to further relevant information for the customers, e.g. to the help section and customer area on the Online.nl web portal as well as to contact info for further support. This way, it connects perfectly to already existing support services of the ISP.


About m2suite

m2suite is the market proven self-care software for the Internet and telecommunications industry. It offers an attractive, widespread solution for all systems, easily adaptable and expandable at any time to meet the needs of the ISPs and MNOs. Thus, it provides a sustainable framework for flexible adaptations concerning future challenges and trends in the digital self-care support.

For more information about the m2suite and further self-care products by mquadr.at visit our website’s product pages .

About Online.nl

Online.nl is a brand used under license by M7 Group SA (hereinafter M7), the European provider of television, internet and voice services for consumers and business customers, based in Luxembourg. M7 serves over 3 million customers with the brands Online.nl and Canal Digitaal in the Netherlands, TV Vlaanderen and TéléSAT in Belgium, AustriaSat and HD Austria in Austria, Hungary AustriaSat in Hungary, and Skylink in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. www.online.nl