Internet Security: new m2suite features for optimal protection when surfing

To guarantee secure Internet surfing for Internet users, has enhanced and extended the security tools of m2suite. These new tools also allow technically unexperienced users to keep the security status of their computer system up-to-date, protect their privacy and avoid virus and hacker attacks that cause serious problems (data theft, data loss, etc.).

The self-care features of m2suite guide the users step-by-step through the analysis and optimisation and support with automated processes.

For ISPs the tools offer a proactive approach towards the important topic of Internet security as well as encourage outstanding customer service and increased customer satisfaction. At the same time, call centre calls concerning this topic are reduced due to automated problem solving.

Internet Security widget – system security at one glance

The Internet Security widget displays the status of the most important security components in the computer system (firewall, anti-virus protection, security updates etc.) clearly arranged and in real-time.

IS Widget

Due to the overall security status, which is shown in the distinctive widget header (“Your system is protected” / “Your system is not protected”) and visually defined by symbols (green check-mark / orange safety triangle / red exclamation mark), users know at one glance whether the system is protected or an improvement of the security settings is necessary.

A detailed listing demonstrates, which of the checked security components is responsible for a possible security gap. With the help of the Internet Security widget and the optimisation flows behind it, the user is able to immediately take appropriate measures: Tool tips in each area provide recommendations for next steps. With a click on the displayed security status, users are guided directly to the appropriate optimisation flow, where they can improve the settings (e.g. install, correctly activate or update firewall and anti-virus programs, download security updates).

For the ISP attractive cross and upselling possibilities arise at this point as demand-oriented and targeted offers, e.g. own anti-virus packages, can be placed here.

Subsequently, via the refreshed Internet Security widget, the user can make sure that the optimisation was carried out successfully and the computer system is protected.

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Internet cleaner – optimal privacy protection for Internet surfing

While surfing the Internet, browsers store a huge amount of data (texts, images, URLs, form data, passwords, etc.) locally on the operating system. This information makes surfing easier for the user, as the visited websites and already entered data are quickly available. On the other hand, they also provide insight into the surfing behaviour and can compromise users’ privacy.

The Internet cleaner offers a simple and secure possibility to delete data that are no longer needed and thus better protects the user’s privacy while surfing.

Upon starting the application with a click, all browsers that are installed on the system are scanned for potentially deletable data. The results are clearly listed for each browser.

Users receive an initial selection of data that can be deleted without further concern, but they can also manually select the data via checkboxes. For a better understanding, the listed components are explained shortly in a tool tip. This way, the tool offers maximum security and control for deleting Internet data.

With a click on the delete button, the clean-up is completed and a success announcement with the number of deleted files displayed.

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Flexible integration into m2suite

These two new features for better Internet security can be flexibly integrated into any desktop of m2suite. The two desktops that are especially suitable for this topic are the existing Internet & Computer desktop and the newly designed Internet & Security desktop that also offers further useful tools for secure Internet surfing. For more detailed information please contact our product experts at .