‘s self-care product range – All set for hybrid technology

Hybrid modems belong to the most important developments on the current telecommunications market. has already adapted their software solutions to the requirements of this new technology and integrated them into all relevant components of m2suite.

No matter what users intend to do, whether they want to set up an initial Internet connection or manage their Wi-Fi and Home network connection, hybrid support is now available for all components. The self-repair module now offers automated troubleshooting for hybrid modems as well. The newly designed Modem Management desktop, which will, by the way, soon be the focus of an extra news article, offers further handy self-care tools on this subject.


Thus, m2suite also offers a smart all-in-one software complying with the latest technical standards for this innovative technology.

How do hybrid modems work?

Hybrid modems combine two proven Internet technologies, namely fixed line connections transmitting through glass fibre or copper cables (DSL, VDSL) and mobile technology (LTE) to establish a high performing connection.

In addition to the common cable slot, hybrid modems come with a SIM card. If the performance of the fixed line connection is too poor or if there is need for a higher bandwidth due to the user’s activities (e.g. streaming or gaming), the modem recognises this and establishes an additional mobile connection to ensure smoother and faster data transmission. As a result, a stable connection is guaranteed even with bandwidth-intensive applications.

What are the advantages of the new hybrid technology?

The hybrid technology is especially useful for areas where fixed line connections cannot provide sufficient and stable performance of data transmission yet, mostly due to lack of network expansion or availability.

A hybrid modem offers a quick solution to immediately improve the existing connection quality, allowing ISPs to meet the constantly growing challenges when it comes to Internet speed and thus to stay competitive.

Furthermore, combining these two technologies opens up both new customer services and new market segments.

How does m2suite support the new hybrid modems?

All standard components of m2suite have already been adapted to meet the requirements of the new hybrid modems.

Therefore, the self-repair component of m2suite now supports proactive and automated error solving for hybrid issues. Additionally, the proven features of m2suite, including Wi-Fi configuration and optimisation, data configuration and data security are fully compliant with the new modems as well.


When it comes to first time configuration, the First Time Setup module continues to provide perfect support. Thus, reworked step-by-step instructions help the users to quickly get their hybrid modem to work. This includes, of course, help with cabling and correctly inserting the SIM card as well as showing how to find the best position for the modem when using wireless and mobile connections.

Ready, set, go! The Modem Management desktop

The newly designed Modem Management desktop allows the users among other things to easily configure and manage the hybrid modem themselves by using simple self-care features, such as a real-time data and status overview, an access to the modem GUI and the possibility to turn the modem on and off.

Especially the Modem Management widget has been adapted to fit the hybrid needs, now offering the most important information on modem settings and the current Internet connection at a glance.

Concerning the mobile connection, a new tab has been introduced, offering a clear and structured overview of the mobile data.

This summary consists of several useful data such as:

Using the fully hybrid-compliant self-care tools of m2suite, ISPs intending to invest in this complex but promising technology are perfectly prepared to offer their customers best digital support and outstanding customer service.

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