A1 Telekom Austria expands A1 WLAN Manager App

Following the successful launch of the A1 WLAN Manager App in March 2016, A1 and mquadr.at expanded the mobile self-care app to a new level.

The A1 WLAN Manager App provides user-friendly support with both setting up and optimizing the customer’s Wi-Fi. The features of the first version (automatic calculation and selection of the optimal Wi-Fi channel, easy connection to Wi-Fi via QR-Code, display of current Wi-Fi and modem data) were extended to include Wi-Fi management, Wi-Fi security evaluation and, finally, the integration of LTE modems (3G/4G modems).


With these new features, A1 Telekom Austria not only enhances the accessibility of mobile Wi-Fi optimization to a wider range of customers, it also simultaneously protects the customer’s Wi-Fi with optimized security settings.

A1 WLAN Manager – New features at a glance

Configure and improve your Wi-Fi settings

The already existing and frequently used Wi-Fi widget within the m2suite has now also been adapted for mobile use. It reads out the most important Wi-Fi data (e.g. Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password and encryption) via an interface (TR-064, HiLink) for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and clearly displays the current settings. Furthermore, the new Wi-Fi management now enables users to directly configure their Wi-Fi settings on their mobile devices.


Security evaluations and tips

When configuring the Wi-Fi settings, the user receives targeted support by the A1 WLAN Manager App. The current security status of the Wi-Fi name, password and encryption is evaluated by the app and explained in more detail to the user both with a color code (red for unsecured, green for secure) and a notification (user education). The password strength is labeled red should the password be rated as low. Additionally, users will be advised to perform an optimization. Apart from providing tips to manually create a secure password, the new password generator helps users to determine a secure Wi-Fi password and to set it directly on the modem.

Integration of LTE modems

With this release, the A1 WLAN Manager now also supports mobile modems (LTE, 3G/4G router) such as the A1 Net Cube and A1 Internetbox. The data are read out via a HiLink interface, which ensures that all features included in the A1 WLAN Manager App (display of Wi-Fi and modem data, Wi-Fi data management, security assessment of Wi-Fi settings, Wi-Fi channel optimisation and Wi-Fi setup via QR code) are now available for LTE modems.

The integration of the promising LTE technology marks an important stepping stone for future expansion stages and the integration of further new technologies (e.g. Hybrid), which will follow shortly.

Further new features of the A1 WLAN Manager App

The A1 WLAN Manager App is now available for Android (4.0.3 up to 6.x9) and iOS (8 and 9) and can be downloaded on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.