Swisscom uses tools by for exhaustive e-mail security update

To provide their customers with the latest security standards when using e-mail clients, Swisscom has decided to change all Swisscom e-mail accounts, so that only encrypted connections are allowed. As this switch also has to be done locally on the system, which to most of the users means a challenge, Swisscom customers are given elaborate automated and manual instructions by the proven self-care tools of

To do so, three different tools, namely the automated Swisscom E-Mail Updater, the e-mail online guide and the e-mail widget of My Swisscom Assistant interact perfectly, creating a wide net supporting numerous operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. For these operating systems, it becomes possible to easily create and configure e-mail accounts and to perform security checks.

Swisscom E-Mail Updater – Configuring a new port automatically

Swisscom E-Mail Updater is a standalone program which is started locally on the computer of the user. On supported operating systems, it performs an automated port switch for all e-mail clients. With its one-click solution, user input has been reduced to a minimum. The application analyses the e-mail accounts configured on the computer and automatically performs the necessary adjustment of the security settings.

E-Mail Updater

Finally, the user is given a success message concerning the updated accounts and security settings as well as tips on further support offers by Swisscom such as My Swisscom Assistant and My Service. Supported Operating Systems

Supported E-Mail Clients

E-Mail Online Guide – Creating, configuring and repairing e-mail accounts manually

The E-Mail Online Guide (EOG) complements the Swisscom E-Mail Updater by providing customised manual instructions. After indicating customer data, operating system and the e-mail client to create the account in, users are given instructions tailored to their needs, leading them through the switching process in easily comprehensible, visual steps.

E-Mail Online Guide

EOG can be used on screens of different sizes and is suitable for both PCs and for smartphones and tablets, covering a multitude of systems which do not support automated configuration.

Similarly, EOG offers support when it comes to setting up or repairing e-mail accounts.

Supported operating systems and e-mail programs

Integration of E-Mail Online Guide into My Swisscom Assistant

My Swisscom Assistant is the central self-care tool offering its users targeted 24/7 instructions on all essential Internet topics such as Wi-Fi, e-mail, Internet security, creation and configuration, maintenance and optimisation. The e-mail widget contained in My Swisscom Assistant helps to easily set up Swisscom e-mail accounts in local e-mail clients, always based on current security standards, of course.

E-Mail Online Guide

The E-Mail Online Guide will be integrated in the next release of My Swisscom Assistant, allowing full access to the whole range of manual instructions for creating, configuring and repairing e-mail accounts.

Swisscom E-Mail Updater and E-Mail Online Guide are available for both operating systems Windows and macOS as well as for Android and iOS, offered in German, English, French, and Italian.

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