launches blog on current trends related to Internet technologies

What can users do when their Wi-Fi is not working? How might a speed test be useful for users and ISPs? These and many other questions on trends and topics related to the Internet and telecommunications sector are covered by the blog. Blog

What does the blog offer you?

The blog presents current developments and new trends and also informs about trade shows and events, and the topics covered there and also provides insights into the development process behind our software products.

Experts from various fields such as product development, engineering, and marketing contribute by assessing new products, commenting on market trends and hot topics that are currently being discussed on the Internet and in the media. Both beginners and professionals can find a selection of current topics important for telcos and thus easily stay up to date.

Of course, the comment function allows readers to express their opinions as well as to ask questions. After all, the blog is supposed to become a lively discussion forum and a place of exchange for those interested in technology.

Background and motivation

For many years, has been specialised in developing self-care software for the Internet and telecommunications industry and has accumulated unique expertise and a deep knowledge of the market. We know not only the most common problems of users and their everyday Internet experience, but we also know the challenges ISPs face when trying to provide their customers with both user-friendly and powerful Internet services.

Using the blog, we intend to pass on our knowledge to interested beginners as well as experts, to provide them with a thorough insight into opportunities and possibilities of the new technologies, while also talking about their risks and drawbacks. By providing an easily comprehensible and clear presentation of the topics, we want to improve the understanding of Internet technologies.