A1 Telekom Austria and KPN are up-to-date

To ensure that our customers always offer their users state of the art products, we provide them with maintenance releases of our successful m2suite. Therefore, we developed a new version of the A1 Servicecenter and the KPN Selfcare Tool. With this release the Internet users of A1 and KPN not only enjoy the latest and secure state of technology, but are also well equipped for new home network challenges.

Every maintenance release is based on the latest m2suite version, our core product and the technical foundation for every customer project. We constantly improve and continue to further develop the product. These new features and improvements are offered to our customers as maintenance updates as part of new releases. The following features are a selection of the extensive revisions and innovations to support the user with all Internet and Wi-Fi topics.

It has never been easier to connect to Wi-Fi

With the all new and redesigned “Wi-Fi connect” flow the user gains a better overview of all the available Wi-Fi connections. Clear and easy to understand symbols help to differentiate between open and secure Wi-Fi networks, and indicate the personal Wi-Fi of the end user. The connection can be established automatically via WPS or manually with a password. This simple and easily understandable flow is designed to help beginners as well as experts.



Wi-Fi settings and Wi-Fi detail view


The setting options of the application now offer even more possibilities: The user is able to customise how Wi-Fi information is displayed in the suite, change the refresh interval in the Wi-Fi list and choose from different options for the Wi-Fi signal strength (percent or decibel-milliwatts). With these enhanced options we want to provide all users the right tools for their individual needs.


The new Wi-Fi detail view also helps every single user to gain more information and now displays all available Wi-Fi channels. Both the optimal Wi-Fi channel and the user’s currently used channel are highlighted in different colours. With this functionality more details and insight are provided, which is an important feature for expert users. Beginners, on the other hand, gain a graphical overview of the factors that influence their Wi-Fi; optimising their Wi-Fi is just a click away.

Along with these enhancements, the two self-care solutions offer the following new features and improvements:

A1 Servicecenter

KPN Selfcare Tool