Proximus Home Optimizer: the self-care app for the best Wi-Fi experience

The Belgian telecommunications & ICT company Proximus is launching the Proximus Home Optimizer, the most extensive mobile self-care solution. Supplying more than 1.9 million Belgian households, these users now have the possibility to use a self-care app for their daily Wi-Fi challenges: From setting up a Wi-Fi connection, optimising Wi-Fi for one or multiple rooms to a speed test – all important home network topics are covered.

The Proximus Home Optimizer is based on the successful m2suite mobile, customised to the wishes and needs of Proximus. The end user receives a fully adapted and branded application that matches the corporate identity and wording of Proximus; this includes a full integration in existing systems. All changes and optimisations made in the app by the user are handled by the servers of Proximus. The authentication of the customers via a login system ensures that all changes are only sent to the correct modem. This guarantees that users only change settings that are relevant for them and their connection and at the same time only modems of Proximus are configured.

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Features and functions

Connect to Wi-Fi

A wireless network connection to the Internet is the first choice when it comes to mobile devices. Therefore, it is crucial to help the customers and support them at that very moment: With a clear and well-structured interface it is possible to immediately start the flow for the Wi-Fi connection in the app. All available Wi-Fi connections are shown in a clear list; additional icons help to differentiate between the own Wi-Fi or known Wi-Fi (that the user once connected to) and other Wi-Fi networks in the environment.

Proximus Home Optimizer

Wi-Fi multi-room analysis

In homes it is essential to have a good Wi-Fi connection in different rooms: send documents in the office room, enjoy streaming on the smart TV in the living room while at the same time the tablet in the kids’ room needs to be online. It’s not a problem with the multi-room analysis! The user measures the Wi-Fi reception with the Proximus Home Optimizer in each room and at the end one simple tap is enough to automatically set the optimal Wi-Fi channel for the entire home.

Experts as well as those eager to learn more are also considered: a clear list shows the reception of the measured rooms including additional recommendations and cross-selling for further devices (Wi-Fi Extender) to enhance the reception.

Proximus Home Optimizer

Wi-Fi optimisation

As soon as the user is connected to Wi-Fi, he/she is offered further optimisation options. In the main interface the user can start the analysis with just one tap and check the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. Should an optimisation be necessary, the user just taps on the results to automatically set the optimal Wi-Fi channel.

Proximus Home Optimizer

Wi-Fi detail view

The Wi-Fi detail view helps the user to see the usage of the available Wi-Fi channels at a glance. Coloured bars display the quality of the respective channel. For a better orientation, the currently connected Wi-Fi is displayed as shorter bars in the diagram.

Proximus Home Optimizer

Wi-Fi environment

The Wi-Fi environment addresses beginners as well as experts. The individual Wi-Fi is marked a different colour and in combination with the display of all Wi-Fi in the environment it allows a better evaluation of the location. This diagram visualises all Wi-Fi’s in the surrounding area and how this influences the reception quality.

Proximus Home Optimizer

Speed test

Once the Internet is set up and the Wi-Fi optimised, sooner or later the question „How fast is my Internet?“ arises for many users. The speed test feature of the Proximus Home Optimizer offers users assistance right away. They not only benefit from common tests of Ping and download / upload speed, but also from additional information that helps the users to put their results into context.

Proximus Home Optimizer

Proximus Home Optimizer

Proximus Home Optimizer

With a clear result screen users receive one of the most important information first: rating of the most common Internet services (such as e-mail, surfing or video streaming) is shown and also offers additional information about these. With a colour coded traffic light system all available services including their quality are immediately visible. The user can, therefore, easily evaluate if it is possible to stream or browse the Internet; additional explanations also help beginners to understand these ratings. Experts on the other hand gain additional insight with the help of an extensive detail view (e.g. max/min measured values, information about the connected network and much more).

Proximus Home Optimizer – the perfect Wi-Fi tool

The functional scope of the Proximus Home Optimizer simplifies the daily Wi-Fi and Internet usage. Additional tips & tricks enhance the overall experience and offer more Information about the home network. A login function for Proximus customers ensures – apart from the already mentioned analytics functionality – that only authorised users (i.e. the owner of the connection) can make changes to the configuration.

From detailed support for Wi-Fi setup, Wi-Fi channel optimisation and the measurement of the Internet speed, the Proximus Home Optimizer is always there for the customers, where they need support the most: the daily use of their Wi-Fi devices in their own home.