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News & Press

November 2011

2011-11-23 Swisscom 'TV Photo Helper' for Windows®: easy photo sharing within the private home network projects for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
2011-11-15 Launch of the new 'KPN Installation Assistant (Arcadyan Edition)' projects for Royal KPN N.V
2011-11-08 'Swisscom Internet' - simultaneous internet setup and WLAN configuration for Windows® and Mac projects for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
2011-11-02 'KPN Assistant': diagnosis and auto-repair, based on m2selfrepair infos on m2selfrepair
projects for Royal KPN N.V

October 2011

2011-10-13 Going east – for the first time, will be present at the Broadband Russia Forum infos on m2suite_03
2011-10-07 International recognition for first-class product at broadband forum in Paris infos on m2suite_03

September 2011

2011-09-28 Austrian technological leadership ensured through groundbreaking product.
2011-09-15 ACTA is's new technology partner for South East Europe
2011-09-12 ranks among the best 100 in the telecom industry

July 2011

2011-07-29 Join us at the Broadband World Forum 2011
2011-07-25 Swisscom e-mail setup and WLAN configuration for Mac projects for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

June 2011

2011-06-22 establishes strategic cooperation with Bizmatica
2011-06-15 upgrades its products for A1 Telekom Austria AG projects for A1 Telekom Austria
2011-06-08 becomes a member of the Broadband Forum infos on m2acs_02

May 2011

2011-05-31 supports A1 Telekom Austria’s new brand projects for A1 Telekom Austria

April 2011

2011-04-28 Intelligent installation: the Deutsche Telekom 'Internet-Software-Package' projects for Deutsche Telekom AG
2011-04-20 High-speed internet made easy: The new A1 Telekom Austria 'Controller' infos on m2selfrepair
projects for A1 Telekom Austria

March 2011

2011-03-07 m2wlan: simple configuration and maximum security for Windows & Mac OSX infos on m2wlan_03

February 2011

2011-02-24 Telekom Austria Group launches 'abroadband' based on m2connectionmanager infos on m2connectionmanager_03
projects for Telekom Austria Group
2011-02-01 Large Dutch project for - the launch of the KPN Installatie Assistent infos on m2webalizer
projects for Royal KPN N.V

January 2011

2011-01-20 develops a dedicated PC care tool for Swisscom projects for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG


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