Completing m2suite – self-care app
self-care app
Powerful self-care app for all mobile devices and access types
Product Onboarding
Product Onboarding
Assisted by the self-care app
WiFi & Modem Control
Modem Controls
Simple WiFi and modem control from mobile devices
Upcoming Features
Upcoming Features
We are continuously developing new features for our self-care app.
Measure and optimise Internet connections.
WiFi Optimisation
WiFi Optimisation
Configure the optimal WiFi channel via mobile devices.

Completing m2suite – self-care app for all devices

  • Reduce support costs even further by reaching your customers on their mobile devices
  • Automated self-service for the Internet and the home network, fully accessible on the go
  • Full support for major mobile operating systems: iOS and Android

Mobile devices are always online and help with troubleshooting connectivity problems, Internet setup as well as WiFi and home gateway management. Take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile devices and deliver high quality service and support content directly to your customers.

Introducing the m2suite self-care app

With our product portfolio we are bringing self-service automation for the Internet & home network to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, hybrids) for major mobile OS: iOS and Android.

Mobile Self-Service and Support Apps perfectly complement the powerful m2suite for Windows & macOS – and they fulfil the same goals: increase in ARPU and reduction of support costs.

Feature Overview

Key specifications

Operating Systems

  • iOS
  • Android 4.0 or later

Gateway Support

  • TR-064
  • HiLink
  • Alternatives: OpenRG, Telnet
  • ACS Communication (REST/TR-069)


  • Mobile App Suite (all-in-one)
  • Separate Apps
  • Customisation options available

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