Constant Innovation – on our roadmap
Constantly innovating our solutions to stay ahead of the curve
New Technologies
New Technologies
Well prepared into the future
Self-Care in the Cloud
The future of self-care efforts lies in cloud-based solutions. Learn more about our approach.
Individualisation options for a perfectly customized m2suite experience

Constant Innovation – on our roadmap

  • By moving our self-care services to the cloud, we're designing digital support for the future
  • With additional individualisation options for m2suite, users will get exactly what they need
  • Through the integration of new technologies, you will get a solution fit for years to come

We have many exciting innovations on our roadmap for m2suite and are constantly evaluating new ideas and technologies. Our research and development department is currently working on bringing our digital self-care solutions to the cloud, reaching new heights of convenience for consumers.

Our vision of the future of self-service

Our efforts focus on continuously improving and expanding the scope of features for our solution. We keep track of all perspectives, of users, ISPs and their employees alike, and strive to develop better solutions to offer meaningful solutions on both ends. We understand that no home network is the same and that each user has their own specific demands, so the goal is to provide a solution that is up-to-par and able to grow with coming technologies.

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