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m2suite for all platforms - Self-Service & eCare

  • Save costs and reduce churn with m2suite – the benchmark product in digital self-service
  • Place a customisable central access point to all your services, right on the customer devices
  • Our modular design allows you to get the solution which best suits your specific needs

With m2suite you can provide your customers with a powerful tool, which not only offers valuable help in most support scenarios, but also creates a new, attractive space to position important messages and targeted marketing efforts. Reduce support costs while generating additional revenue.

Give your customers software they can use and benefit in the process

With m2suite, telcos deliver their customers a central point of access with easy do-it-yourself eCare and automated self-service. The self-care suite also acts as a customisable access point to your portal content and all your Internet services. m2suite improves Internet customer experience directly in your customers' home desktop and mobile devices where they need help the most. Our benchmark solution saves costs, reduces churn and offers new sources of revenue.

m2suite offers a great framework for your own modular Self-Care solution:

  • self-care modules covering all aspects of connectivity
  • easy integration of apps, features and services
  • full branding to your needs
  • communication with 3rd party systems and external APIs
  • a flexible GUI for easily adaptable content

Take what suits your needs – save costs and increase revenue

Find out more about the modules that make m2suite the perfect self-service & eCare solution for Telcos, ISPs and mobile operators. You know best what you need – pick your own flexible, goal-oriented selection of self-care and support modules to offer great self-service tools to your subscribers, reduce support costs and create new sources of revenue.

Cover all aspects of connectivity with m2suite for mobile and the cloud

m2suite for desktop is the central access point to perfect Internet connectivity and can be ideally combined with m2suite for the cloud and m2suite for mobile to extend your reach even further, and enabling higher levels of customer satisfaction.

m2suite is already in action

My Swisscom Assistant is an excellent example of m2suite's vast potential. Swisscom has taken everything the company needs from a self-service eCare suite and now offers the customized My Swisscom Assistant to subscribers – and the users' feedback is great. Take a closer look!

For more information about this topic and live presentations please contact our product experts.