Completing m2suite – self-care app
self-care app
Powerful self-care app for all mobile devices and access types
First Time Setup
First Time Setup
Assisted by the self-care app
Wi-Fi & Modem Control
Modem Controls
Simple Wi-Fi and modem control from mobile devices
Upcoming Features
Upcoming Features
We are continuously developing new features for our self-care app.
Measure and optimise Internet connections.
Wi-Fi Optimisation
Wi-Fi Optimisation
Configure the optimal Wi-Fi channel via mobile devices.

Completing m2suite – self-care app for all devices

  • Reduce support costs even further by reaching your customers on their mobile devices
  • Automated self-service for the Internet and the home network, fully accessible on the go
  • Full support for all three major mobile operating systems: iOS, Windows Phone and Android

Mobile devices are always online and help with troubleshooting connectivity problems, Internet setup as well as Wi-Fi and home gateway management. Take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile devices and deliver high quality service and support content directly to your customers.

Introducing the m2suite self-care app

With our new product portfolio we are bringing self-service automation for the Internet & home network to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, hybrids) for all three major mobile OS: iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Mobile Self-Service and Support Apps perfectly complement the powerful "bigger brother" m2suite for Windows & OS X – and they fulfil the same goals: increase in ARPU and reduction of support costs.

Feature Overview

Key specifications

Operating Systems

  • iOS
  • Android 4.0 or later
  • Windows Phone 8.0 or later

Gateway Support

  • TR-064
  • Alternatives: OpenRG, Telnet
  • ACS Communication (REST/TR-069)


  • Mobile App Suite (all-in-one)
  • Separate Apps
  • Customisation options available

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