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m2analytics is the perfect data analysis tool for m2suite: the data is anonymously collected to deliver extensive insight into the user behaviour as well as the features used. The system is specifically designed for m2suite and therefore guarantees optimal reports. No tedious configuration or setup necessary: simply log in and you can see all the data of your own modules at a glance.

Application performance dashboard = m2apd

The user-friendly web portal m2apd makes KPI monitoring a piece of cake: see the most important performance indicators at a glance or in more detail. From general user statistics to trend evaluations for specific m2suite functions – you decide on the level of detail and the time period. You can, of course, export the data to use it in other systems as well.

Your customers, your data – secure

Completely compliant with the European data protection: Information is collected in an anonymous form and safely transmitted. The storage takes place on designated server systems in Austria, so no cloud connectivity or transmission to third-parties occurs. Specific permissions guarantee safety from unauthorised access and allow limitations for different departments.

Easy data analysis

m2analytics offers a perfectly balanced system for your m2suite figures: monitor statistic trends, make product decisions based on a sound foundation and evaluate the efficiency of your previous actions. Our application performance dashboard simplifies your daily work with KPIs and provides a safe environment for all your analyses.

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