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Despite an increase in other alternatives, e-mail is still the universal means of communication on the Internet. Consequently, sending and receiving e-mails is becoming more common in the daily routine. m2suite home takes care of the automatic setup of personal e-mail accounts in the e-mail programs available on the user’s PC. At the same time, the automatic error correction provided by m2suite home guarantees a carefree e-mail usage in everyday life.

E-mail widget

The e-mail widget is an interactive display of all e-mail accounts configured in the e-mail programs available in the user’s PC. This makes it easy to edit or delete existing e-mail accounts. Incorrect settings are visible at once, allowing the user to correct settings automatically directly in the widget.

Set up e-mail account

Using e-mail programs makes daily handling of e-mails much more comfortable, but at the same time the setup of an e-mail account is a big initial hurdle. m2suite home takes care of the automatic setup of an e-mail account and checks user input. m2suite home supports not only numerous e-mail programs, but also different e-mail configurations.

View and share e-mail data

The e-mail data sheet summarises the personal e-mail data. This includes server settings – e.g. for the manual setup of an e-mail account on other devices – as well as individual information for every e-mail account currently set up on the system (e.g. to print or archive). Optional links to the ISP portal expand the range of functions (e.g. reset the password).

E-mail guides

m2suite home also supports the manual setup of e-mail-accounts using an interactive and personalised setup help: this guide displays the exact e-mail data dynamically and also shows where to enter that information. Whether it’s the setup or the repair of an e-mail account, the user is supported every step of the way.

Live Demo

All about e-mails

m2suite home simplifies e-mail management: whether it’s the setup, repair or saving/exporting the settings, m2suite home ensures e-mails are sent and received. Additional guides and optional support by the specific interfaces of the ISP allow to quickly set up e-mail accounts in the appropriate e-mail programs.

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