Home network

As the home network becomes increasingly extensive, the installation and maintenance effort increase as well. Apart from using the right hardware, the knowledge about how to use it best is gaining in significance. m2suite home offers the right tools to get an overview of all devices in the home network, and at the same time aims to keep the entry level for the administration as low as possible.

Connected devices in the home network

An overview of all devices

All devices connected to the users’ modem / home network via Wi-Fi or LAN are listed by m2suite home. Additional sort and filter functions provide the user with a clear overview at any time. For every connected device, additional information (e.g. IP address, manufacturer, MAC address, etc.) is available with just one click, to provide the best possible support to manage the home network.

Accessible Wi-Fis as graphs or lists

The Wi-Fi environment at a glance

m2suite home scans all Wi-Fi networks in the environment and displays them in real time. This way, users receive a list as well as a graphical illustration about the available Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi channel allocation. Additionally, sort and filter functions help to find the requested Wi-Fi; more tech-savvy users obtain further information for every displayed Wi-Fi.

All devices in the home network

Optimal setup via interactive assistents

The number of devices in the home network grows every year, but only a few users know how to optimally position and use them. Whether it is consumer electronics (Smart TVs etc.) or network devices (e.g. Wi-Fi extender), interactive assistants help via detailed step-by-step guides with the setup, optimal usage and troubleshooting.

Powerline widget

Setting up a powerline network made easy

Using the Powerline widget, users receive an interactive display of the installed powerline adapters in the home network and are able to see all important information regarding their powerline network (e.g. the available connection speed). Furthermore, it is possible to manage every adapter directly in the widget, e.g. to rename, configure, reset or remove a specific adapter.

Powerline topology

Position, add and manage adapters

Using the topology, users get an in-depth look at their powerline network: A graphical overview of the detected powerline adapters shows the quality of the connection between these different adapters and therefore helps to easily discover any weak points. Additionally, an assistant helps to add new adapters to the existing powerline network, either automatically or manually.

Analyse and expand

Getting to know the home network

The extensive home network tools provided by m2suite not only help to get an overview of all home network devices, but also offer the optimal support for their usage. This way, users are able to solve all the related challenges by themselves. This makes home network administration not only easy to handle, but also helps the users to learn more about their home network and its characteristics.

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