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Diagnosis and self-repair

With Diagnosis & Self-repair, m2suite home offers an intelligent help module for all areas of the Internet access. This way, it ensures all services are available anytime and error cases are handled as quickly as possible. As it is also a perfect fit for non-technical users, m2suite home delivers the appropriate help when needed, even when the users are offline.

Diagnosis options for every situation

m2suite home offers different methods to check the system for errors: R.I.S. – “Real-time Intelligent Self-repair” monitors the most common sources of errors in the background in a resource-friendly way and provides the users with proactive hints (individually customisable by the user). D.O.D. – “Diagnosis On Demand” is an extended diagnosis, which users can start with just one click.

Specific error codes

The error analysis of m2suite home is structured in different groups, covering specific error cases: Overall, there are over 140 unique error codes, covering, among others, the following areas: Internet access, operating system, hardware, e-mail, etc. Unique error codes are also very practical in support cases, e.g. to immediately determine the operating system used and therefore reduce the call time.

Always a suitable solution

m2suite home offers the appropriate repair options for every detected error. If an automatic repair is possible, one click is enough to set the correct settings. Animations help with incorrect cabling, e.g. should there be no Wi-Fi coverage, the necessary function of m2suite home opens and helps users to solve the problem on their own.

Faster and better support

m2suite home detects and repairs errors before they cause problems; additionally the users learn how to help themselves. This either avoids or shortens support inquires: m2suite home offers a precise error analysis, this way, the support agent receives all the necessary information without having to access the user's system.

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