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Speed test

Easy and reliable determination of the Internet speed: Upload, download and ping are measured in a clear and comprehensible flow. To ensure a better understanding, the upload and download speeds are compared to the current Internet line speed according to the customer’s tariff. Meaningful ratings and explanations of the speed test results support the user to better understand the results. Furthermore, the speed test is available via LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

Speed test results with added value

Common speed tests confront users with results without explanation; this is where m2suite home comes in and delivers significant benefits. The measurement results are rated based on the actual Internet line speed available, which puts the numbers into context. Using additional ratings, users can identify the services (surfing, music and video streaming, gaming, etc.) that are available as well as their quality.

More speed test details

The speed test of m2suite home delivers more detailed information to help understand Internet speed even better. A graphical display shows users how their Internet speed changes during the measurement, making any variations immediately visible. Additional information, such as the details of the connection type, helps the user to put the results into perspective.

All speed tests at a glance

All speed test results are saved on the PC and are available at all times. This way, users can observe how their Internet speed develops and when the best results took place. By giving the speed tests individual names, it is easy for users to compare the results measured at different locations or times.

Speed test server for best results

The location of the speed test server influences the speed test quality. To avoid this, m2suite home allows the use / integration of an ISP speed test server. This way, the ISP’s existing infrastructure can be integrated and at the same time the validity of the speed test will be increased. As an alternative, also offers speed test servers of its own.

More than just a speed test

The m2suite home speed test helps to understand the measurement results and supports the user in evaluating the measured data without any specific technical knowledge. Customers are provided a compact overview of their current data rate and which Internet services they are able to use. m2suite home helps customers to better understand the influences and factors that determine their Internet speed.

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