Internet security tools

When it comes to Internet usage, security is an important factor: Many users still lack knowledge regarding potential dangers when using the Internet. m2suite home helps even beginners to securely master the daily Internet usage and offers an all-round check for the entire system. This covers security aspects and ensures an optimal system.

Keep Internet security up to date

Finding problems, fixing them, and avoiding them in the future

The security widget offers an interactive display of the system’s current security status. All detected problems are shown in a comprehensible way so the users can solve them right out of the widget or receive further help if necessary. m2suite home additionally monitors the existing firewall and antivirus software status and keeps the updates for the operating system current.

System and connection status widget

Real-time data about the Internet connection

With this widget, m2suite home offers a compact interactive display of the current Internet connection. While the system is monitored in the background, the current status is shown in realtime (incl. possible errors). With just one click, the users can access the status section and discover all the information about their own system (e.g. operating system, hardware); this can be especially important in support cases.

Remove Internet traces

Protecting identity and privacy

Digital privacy is getting more important every day: especially while surfing the Internet, many digital traces are being tracked on the computer. m2suite home helps to remove these traces, e.g. the Internet cache, cookies, data in online forms or other confidential information. Using m2suite home, the digital identity of the user is optimally protected.

Freeing up disk space via regular cleanups

For a fast and clean system

Current operating systems optimise the system to a certain extent, but storage capacity remains an important factor, particularly with SSDs. m2suite home analyses the system / storage, detects files that are safe to be deleted and offers this selection to the user. The user can delete these files with a few clicks which makes this feature easy to handle even for users with no technical background.

For a relaxed Internet experience

Secure & up to date

m2suite home helps users to monitor the full system security status in real time, keep it up to date and to protect their privacy. With this feature, m2suite home mainly supports less experienced users, who are not skilled enough and are therefore more often exposed to potential security threats. Apart from pointing out possible risks, m2suite home enhances customer education by providing active assistance for the user.

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