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Wi-Fi tools

Wi-Fi is one of the most essential parts of the daily Internet usage and is used by an increasing number of devices. Slow Wi-Fi, therefore, also means a slow Internet connection. Using m2suite home, users can optimise and manage their Wi-Fi in their entire home and achieve a perfect wireless Internet access.

Wi-Fi widget

Using the Wi-Fi widget, users receive an interactive display of the Wi-Fi data of the modem for 2.4 and 5 GHz. This also includes additional help if Wi-Fi security is not sufficient, as well as the option to establish a Wi-Fi connection right away. Additionally, it’s possible to print or export the Wi-Fi data of the modem via data sheet including a QR code for a fast Internet connection.

Easy Wi-Fi connection

Fast and easy Wi-Fi connection with m2suite home: Offering a detailed but comprehensible list of the detected networks, the users choose the desired Wi-Fi and are guided to a successful Wi-Fi connection in a few clicks, e.g. one-click WPS ensures a fast and simple connection setup.

Measure Wi-Fi signal

The best tool to measure one’s own Wi-Fi: by changing the position (or moving around with the laptop) the user is able to observe in real time how the Wi-Fi reception changes and where the best reception is available. With this tool, the optimal position for all Wi-Fi devices (e.g. a laptop) is quickly and easily found.

The best Wi-Fi in every room

m2suite home calculates the best Wi-Fi channel for the 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum by taking channel width and overlapping into consideration. To ensure the best Wi-Fi in one or more rooms, the user can set the channel automatically. In addition, the Wi-Fi detail view offers a detailed graphical overview of the calculated quality of the Wi-Fi channels in the vicinity.

Manage Wi-Fi profiles

Wi-Fi profiles are used to establish Wi-Fi connections, but the administration of these profiles is not simple for everyone. m2suite home provides all available Wi-Fi profiles (incl. the most important login information) in a handy list and allows the user to add, delete or edit the Wi-Fi profiles. This turns the “Manage Wi-Fi profiles” tool into an important help for tech-savvy users.

Flawless Wi-Fi = happy customer

By now, Wi-Fi can be identified as the central part of Internet usage and therefore of the entire Internet experience. Considering this, optimal Wi-Fi directly influences the customer satisfaction and at the same time affects important service parameters. Using the different Wi-Fi tools provided by m2suite home, users are able to solve all Wi-Fi challenges sustainably and on their own.

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