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m2suite mobile

m2suite mobile enables users to solve daily Internet challenges on their own. With the app, users not only get online, but stay online as well. From setup and cabling, to Wi-Fi optimisation and home network management; m2suite mobile offers Internet support for all situations.

Modular and customisable

Custom-made Internet support: Choose the modules you and your customers need. m2suite mobile can be customised specifically to meet the daily Internet challenges; Internet setup, Wi-Fi optimisation or solving connection problems; there is a wide array of possibilities. Using extensive customising options, you can specify the content and the look & feel to make m2suite mobile your app.

Set up and repair Internet

How do you make sure your customers get online? With m2suite, users are able to set up Internet and Wi-Fi independently as well as stay online, should any problems occur later on. Help your customers set up their Internet product without any hassle.

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The best Wi-Fi for the entire home

The Wi-Fi optimisation guarantees fast and stable Wi-Fi and consequently a stress-free daily Internet life. Do you also want to provide your customers with the best Wi-Fi experience?

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Manage modem and Wi-Fi data

Using m2suite mobile, beginners as well as experts are able to make changes to all settings and functions of the Wi-Fi, modem and the home network. This makes it very easy to set an individual Wi-Fi password, check security settings or restart the modem. Provide your customers with a remote control for the Wi-Fi modem.

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View & extend the home network

The number of interconnected devices is rising. m2suite mobile delivers all details and insights to manage the home network with all its devices. Should your customers keep an overview as well?

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Measure and understand Internet speed

Speed tests are everywhere, but who understands them and their results? With the Internet speed test of m2suite mobile, users learns what “download speed” actually means and which Internet services they can use with that speed. Supply your customers with a speed test that offers more than just numbers; a speed test that delivers meaningful results.

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Internet as a service

Do you want your customers to have not only the best Internet, but also excellent service? Together with you, we develop self-care solutions tailored to fit your Internet products and the needs of your customers. This helps you to reduce customer inquiries and increase customer satisfaction!

Clear KPIs with m2analytics

Statistics and trends are the basis for solid product decisions. Gain insight into the usage of your applications and use the data in your own reports. How do your tools perform, which features are popular and what does your customer base really look like? m2analytics is the answer to these and many more questions – anonymised and secure.

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Our customers rely on Internet self-care

Leading telecommunication companies use our self-service solutions and empower their customers to solve the daily internet challenges on their own. See a selection of ISPs who have successfully employed our self-care solutions.

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Do you want to offer your customers the best Internet support? Learn more about our Internet self-care solutions and contact us!