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View and extend the home network

The home network is becoming increasingly extensive every year. Managing and maintaining it is no longer only for experts. m2suite mobile provides the user with everything to keep a clear overview of all devices in the home network and to extend the range and quality of the home network.

Connected devices in the home network

All devices connected to the users’ modem / home network via Wi-Fi or LAN are listed by m2suite mobile. Additional sort and filter functions provide the user with a clear overview at any time. For every connected device, additional information (e.g. IP address, manufacturer, MAC address, etc.) is shown to provide the best possible support to manage the home network.

Wi-Fi repeater for more range

The modem itself is not always enough to have perfect Wi-Fi in every room. A Wi-Fi repeater can be of help, as long as it’s placed correctly: With a clear and easy to understand visual display in real-time, m2suite mobile enables even beginners to easily find the best position for the repeater. This increases not only the Wi-Fi range, but also the Wi-Fi quality and stability.

Fast and stable mobile Internet

Using m2suite mobile, the user can measure the LTE reception accurately and determine the best position for the modem. All common access technologies are supported; this includes 4G/LTE as well as hybrid Internet. The LTE reception is read out directly from the modem; as an alternative the measurement can also be done via the reception on the mobile device.

The Wi-Fi environment at a glance

m2suite mobile scans all Wi-Fi networks in the environment to display them in real time. This way, users receive a clear illustration showing all Wi-Fi networks in their surroundings, including their individual signal strength as well as the allocation of the Wi-Fi channels and possible channel overlapping. With this, users immediately see how their home network is affected by other Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi access point list

For the tech savvy users, m2suite mobile shows detailed as well as specific information about the available Wi-Fi networks: From BSSID, frequency and channel width, to the Wi-Fi security and the manufacturer, even experts get all the Wi-Fi information they need. With the sort and filter option, users can play around and have a clear overview of their information.

Analyse and extend

It is getting more difficult to keep track of all devices in the home network, as many technical devices need to be connected to the Internet at all times. We deliver the tools to stay on top of things and to analyse the home network accurately. m2suite mobile assists users in finding the best position for all devices, to get the best wireless surfing experience.

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