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Set up and repair Internet

With the “Internet setup” feature, m2suite mobile supports the user with the setup and configuration of the new Internet product and all related devices, as well as with the Wi-Fi connection. To ensure that the user stays online, the “Diagnosis” feature detects and solves all problems regarding Internet, modem and home network.

All Internet access technologies

The “Internet setup” feature supports all common Internet access technologies – no matter how the customer gets online, m2suite mobile offers the appropriate support: from the classic DSL or cable connection to mobile Internet via LTE or combined solutions like hybrid Internet.

Always the suitable help

The Internet setup already starts with the unboxing of the modem: this is where m2suite mobile comes into play and helps the customer every step of the way with the correct cabling diagrams / animations and textual explanations. Using smart checks in the background, m2suite mobile makes sure that every customer sees only the necessary steps and the right support during the whole setup process.

Easy modem provisioning

Correct cabling does not necessarily guarantee that the users get online. Therefore, m2suite home also helps with modem provisioning. The customers are guided through all required steps, from the input of personal data to the activation of different modem functions.

Get online and connect to Wi-Fi in an instant

The “Internet setup” feature not only covers the modem, but also the Wi-Fi connection. To get this, the user can easily connect the mobile device automatically via QR code and WPS. As an alternative, the “Internet setup” feature also helps to find and enter the Wi-Fi name and password. However the user wants to connect, m2suite mobile ensures a Wi-Fi connection quickly and easily.

First time setup for all devices

The Internet setup of today means much more than just getting the modem/mobile device online: m2suite mobile also supports users with connecting and setting up additional Internet devices. Whether it’s telephone services, IPTV or a Wi-Fi repeater, the user always finds the suitable assistance.

Detect and solve Internet problems

The “Diagnosis” enables users to check and solve problems or errors related to the Internet access on their own. A status display shows the current status of everything needed for a fully functioning Internet access. m2suite mobile performs an automatic modem analysis and helps the user solve problems interactively with the appropriate solution.

Easy start = satisfied customer

With m2suite, mobile users are offered all tools necessary to set up and configure the Internet access and the Wi-Fi home network connection as well as to add new devices to the home network, all by themselves. Additionally, the “diagnosis” feature helps to identify and solve errors or problems related to the Internet access.

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