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Manage modem and WiFi data

m2suite mobile empowers users to handle many settings and functions related to WiFi, modem and the home network by themselves. Whether they want to check and change the WiFi data on the modem, manage the guest WiFi or use advanced modem control like modem restart or reset, m2suite mobile empowers users to take full advantage of their modem.

Show and change WiFi data

m2suite mobile receives the WiFi data directly from the modem and allows users to set and choose a WiFi name and password, which is set on the modem automatically. The data can be changed for 2.4 as well as 5 GHz WiFi networks; this also includes a security check. Using the share function, access data can be shared easily via QR code or by using the stock share function of mobile operating systems.

WiFi security check

Now more than ever, Internet usage via WiFi is increasing. And because sometimes the Internet is used only via WiFi, WiFi security is an important topic. m2suite mobile accesses the WiFi data from the connected modem and not only rates the WiFi settings but also helps to set a secure WiFi password and encryption. All changes are set automatically on the modem.

WiFi for guests

Today, WiFi access for guests is part of anyone’s hospitality. m2suite mobile helps to set up a separate guest WiFi, so that not every guest has access to the private personal password of the owner. The user can set the name as well as the access data of the guest WiFi and also activate/deactivate the access when necessary.

Extended modem control

The modem is one of the most important devices to get (and stay) online. If smaller Internet problems occur it is often enough to just restart the modem or reset the settings of the modem. m2suite mobile guides the user through the necessary steps and not only offers more control of the modem but also displays all important modem information in one central spot.

All forms of modem communication

To guarantee smooth modem control, m2suite mobile supports various modem protocols: home network via TR-064, HiLink, RESTFul API or JSON / server side solutions using existing “Device Management Plattform” (ACS / TR-069) / special micro services. Depending on the interface, it is possible to use additional modem features in m2suite mobile.

Full WiFi modem control

m2suite mobile allows users to adapt the WiFi to their needs, so they can display or change all WiFi data as they wish. An extensive support of all protocols ensures that all changes are set automatically on the modem. Additionally, m2suite mobile supports many modem functions (e.g. reset or restart).

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