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The best WiFi for the entire home

The WiFi optimisation of m2suite mobile ensures that customers get the best WiFi in the entire home or in a specific room. Additionally, with the help of the “WiFi channel detail view” feature, experts can see the quality of their WiFi channels in a graphical overview. The “Measure WiFi signal” feature performs an exact measure and determines the best position for an ideal WiFi reception.

Fast and stable WiFi – always

The high increase in WiFi usage leads to the WiFi speed directly affecting the Internet speed. Based on an advanced algorithm, which considers many different factors, m2suite mobile calculates the best WiFi channel for the user, sets it automatically on the modem and therefore ensures a carefree wireless Internet experience.

The best WiFi in every room

Fast and stable WiFi in a few steps: The user chooses a room, analyses it, then moves to the next room and repeats this for all desired rooms. Whether it’s in a house with several storeys or in just one office, m2suite mobile calculates the optimal WiFi channel and, if desired, sets it, automatically on the modem.

Measure WiFi signal

The best tool to measure one’s own WiFi: The user moves with the device in hand between different positions and sees in real time how the WiFi reception changes and where the best reception is available. This not only finds the optimal position for all WiFi devices easily, but also the best position for the WiFi modem.

WiFi details for beginners & experts

At a glance, a clearly arranged bar chart shows the quality of the available WiFi channels for 2.4 and 5 GHz in real time. One’s own channel as well as the channel with the highest quality are coloured. A simple tap is enough to automatically set the recommended channel. Additionally, tech savvy users can also find a detailed WiFi channel selection.

Easy WiFi connection

m2suite mobile connects all mobile devices quickly and easily with WiFi: The user chooses the desired WiFi in a detailed overview of all recognised WiFi networks; a few taps are enough to establish a successful WiFi connection. Due to the integrated QR code scanner or the WPS function, users no longer need to enter long and complicated WiFi passwords.

Flawless WiFi = happy customer

By now, WiFi can be identified as the central part of Internet usage and therefore of the entire Internet experience. Considering this, optimal WiFi directly influences the customer satisfaction and at the same time affects important service parameters. Using the different WiFi tools provided by m2suite mobile, users are able to solve all WiFi challenges sustainably and on their own.

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